Sunday, September 08, 2013

Soup Weather!

My friend Cheryl tempted me with talk of a bacon-tomato soup on her Facebook wall today.  With her permission, here is the recipe cut and pasted from a chat window so I don't lose it.
The instructions are pretty general, but hey, it's soup, not rocket science!

Cheryl's Tomato Bacon Soup

2 quarts of canned tomatoes 
 2 carrots 
2 celery stalks
 2 onions 
 2 cloves garlic 
7 cups vege or chicken stock
 6 large tomatoes*
Salt and pepper 
Sauté everything but tomatoes in olive oil. Add tomatoes and seasonings and boil. Blend in a blender.
Cook most of a pack of bacon till almost crisp and crumble into final product and let simmer a while
*The tomatoes are blanched and skin/core removed
I think this would be delicious with a grilled cheese sandwich alongside for dipping--I also envision chopped avocado and possibly a swirl of sour cream in your bowl to finish.