Tuesday, May 19, 2009

True Confession Monday

Yes. It's Tuesday. Yesterday was a holiday though so today is really Monday.

1. I weighed in today instead of tomorrow. My respite night is tonight so even if I stay under my calorie goal, the sheer amount of salt in whatever I eat will negate any loss. (Down one pound! Yay!)

2. I can barely keep my eyes open today so it is a real struggle for me to stay away from sugary carbs right now. There is only so much caffeine one can have before you are just tired and jittery instead of just tired.

3. Since I can barely keep my eyes open today the only exercise I could muster was a couple of laps around the mall while running errands. Every little bit helps, right?

4. I am eating dinner at 8:00 PM tonight at a new pizza joint. I need to try very, very hard to not eat all the kid's leftovers when they have dinner. I WILL make a big salad and chow down on that to take the edge off. Girl Guide's Honour. I can't make any promises about the pizza.

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