Saturday, August 15, 2009

Helloooooo out there!

Wow, it's been a month since I have posted here! Time flies. If you read my other blog, you will know that things are changing very quickly here. As I am typing, I am surrounded by boxes. We move to a new house in two weeks.

How is the weight loss? Stalled at 159 lbs. Not too bad. I dropped three chasing Matthew at camp a couple of weeks ago and that is where the scale has stopped moving. I have noticed not having my kids home has changed how I eat. My bad habit is eating off the kid's plates when they are finished. I need to figure out how to really stop doing that when they get home in a couple of days.

Hubby and I have enjoyed eating grownup food for the past week--I bought the ingredients for California Rolls one day and then decided I didn't want to fiddle with rolling sushi. It turns out that tossing the ingredients (minus the rice and nori) in a crusty bun with sliced tomatoes and lettuce plucked from the garden makes a delicious sandwich perfect for eating on a hot summer evening.

My CSA box has me eating wonderful fresh vegetables every night. I cannot keep up with the zucchini, though. I have SEVEN in my kitchen right now!!!! I think I need to give this Zucchini Streusel a try...I don't know if I will try to pass it off as apple crisp though. Hubby still doesn't trust me after I served him potato salad made from cauliflower. (It did fool him, by the way!)

When we move I will be saying goodbye to my very productive apple trees. I canned 16 pounds of crababbles yesterday and have eight more in the freezer. This morning I plan on making a Dutch Baby pancake and topping it with some of the pie filling I made yesterday. Yum!

I hope you try some of the recipes I linked to! I will be sitting here counting down until I get to start cooking in my sunny new kitchen! What should I make to break it in???


  1. Oh my goodness, I have zucchini coming out of my EARS!!!! I've got a dozen 750mL containers of finely chopped stuff in my freezer already, but almost every day, there's another arm-load coming in!!

    I hide zucchini in everything ~ especially recipes made with ground beef and tomato-type sauces. When I make chili or lasagne or meatsauce for spaghetti, I always substitute half the ground beef with zucchini.

  2. PS. I stumbled across this page yesterday and had trouble finding it again, but I thought you'd like it!

  3. Oh, that's brilliant with the zucchini substitutions.

    As for the new kitchen, why not let each family member make a suggestion? You pick the most important part --dessert, the husband gets the main meal, and the kids do sides. Then they all get to help make it!