Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I run with the Sisterhood

All right!  All right!  I'll come back!

I sat out the last Sisterhood challenge.  My brain just wasn't in the game.

I am back.

I have run a clothing size off of my bum and an inch of my waist, yet my scale is not moving.  I know I am eating up all of the calories I am running off.

I am back in the program.  I am going to strive to lose 10 lbs during this challenge.

My starting weight is:

161 lbs.

I have made regular exercise a habit, but now my eating is not on track.  When I have my eating on track, my exercise goals go away.

I need to get this to come together!


  1. Good luck with your challenge! I'm doing it too. :)

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  2. I sat out the last one, too. I just didn't care. I'm still not convinced I care enough, but at least we've got something of a plan again! We CAN do this!!