Friday, February 17, 2012

Easiest Soup Ever

Today is Friday.  It is a day that a lot of people save for ordering Takeout.  In my house, since at least two of the kids have dinner with Grandma, it is a day I usually use for consuming leftovers in the fridge (I like to call it Buffet)  Today I made a very easy soup from a couple of odds and ends lurking in my fridge.  In fact, I think I spent less time tossing ingredients in my Slow-Cooker than I did typing up this post.

It started earlier in the week when I made a double batch of the sausage filling I posted in the previous week's menu plan.  I put the leftover half batch of sausage and tomato sauce into my 2-quart slow cooker with a can of beef broth plus a can of water, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a few handfuls of bagged coleslaw mix that was going South in my crisper.  I simmered it on LOW for the afternoon, and while it was cooking I set up my bread machine to make a lovely Italian loaf to serve alongside.  Easiest dinner ever.

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