Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Homemade Oxygen Bleach

I got this recipe from an online community I belong to. It works surprisingly well. Safe for colourfast clothes as well as whites.

Step 1: Go through your closets and drawers to find the stained clothes you thought were ruined forever.

Step 2: Find a large container. A bin, a bucket, anything that you can put those clothes in without packing too tightly.

Step 3: Pour a small box of baking soda in the container and add hot water. Mix to dissolve.
Pour in a 400 ml bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
Add water to fill container half way and add clothes. Mix well and add more water to cover.

Step 4: Set the container in a safe place, away from kids and pets. Leave that container for at least a day, overnight or longer--check the clothes periodically and stir them.

Step 5: Launder clothes normally and be amazed that you saved clothes you thought were destined for the playclothes drawer or rag pile!

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  1. Anonymous10:33 am

    For the last year or so I've been making as many homemade products as I possibly can. When I'd run out of the national brand I'd re-purpose it's container for it's homemade clone. It's amazing how much money this saves in a year -- especially when I combine coupons & sales to get my ingredients!

    You have some great tips for the home. I love the one about adding lavender EO to the toilet after cleaning. Currently, I use a 1/2 cup white vinegar& 12 drops of lavender in my Downy Ball as fabric softener (with my homemade Ivory detergent). The clothes smell so clean!

    Google led me to your blog last night when I was searching for homemade oxygen bleach. After leaving a batch soaking overnight I just had to come back & report that I am SOLD! My husband's white dress shirt had a stubborn case of ring around the collar - totally gone. The rest of this trial load was every single white bar mop rag & towel I had for the kitchen. A new day means new towels in the kitchen, so there were quite a bit. There are about 6 that the kids had ruined, so I kept pulling them out on the weekends when they do the dishes. The stains didn't all cone out of those few, but they do look vastly improved. All the rest of the towels & rags look beautifully white & stain free!

    Thank you for sharing this easy & natural concoction. You're bookmarked, so keep 'um coming! ;)