Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Is it Wednesday already???

This past week has gone by in a flash.

I have been trying very hard to stop some bad habits that have snuck back into my life. I am trying to eat more salads again--having farm fresh lettuce delivered every week helps with that! Making muffins and pie from the farm fresh rhubarb also delivered did NOT help!
Discovering the yumminess that is Alexander Keith's Red Amber Ale also probably didn't help, but it did take the edge off of a very noisy, busy day this week. (tangent: No, I haven't jumped on the lime-flavoured beer wagon. I don't plan on it. If I want lime-flavoured beer I will slice up a lime and add it myself.)

Long story short, here are my stats:

Last week's weight: 160.9
This week's weight: 160.6
Lost: 0.3

Onwards and downwards!


  1. down a smidge and enjoyed a good beer - sounds like a successful week to me!

  2. Wahoo! Good job - don't you love it when you feel like you've been overindulging and stepping onto the scale shows a LOSS?!?!?! Awesome.

  3. Oooh, thanks for the beer suggestion!! Unless it's a local brew, then I guess I'm out of luck! ;o)

    And congrats on the loss! You lost, so take it!