Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

It's that time again!

I am tracking my food and exercise, getting myself back in the habit of paying attention to what I eat. I am trying very hard to stop snacking in the evening. A selection of decaf herbal teas in my pantry is helping with that, as is my knitting.

So, here are my stats:

Last Weigh in Wednesday (in July...) 160.6
Last Week's Weight 160.0
Today's Weight 159.4
Loss 0.6

So, a hair over half a pound. It isn't great, but at least it is going down. I was derailed one day this week when I was perfectly on track, and then got invited to a dip party. Yes, I sampled. Yes, I probably overdid it a bit with the artichoke dip, and I KNOW I overdid it with the chili dip. BUT, I did not buy anything but seasoning mix for my lowfat buttermilk mashed potatoes and some sauce for chicken breasts, so that is something! I know better than to keep cheeseball mix in our house.

My two goals this week are:
  1. Reach for water first before snacks.
  2. EXERCISE!!!!
I have such a hard time making time for exercise. I have exercise-induced asthma which is an all too easy excuse to fall back on when I am feeling lazy. I need to stop making excuses and just get off my bum and do something.


  1. you lost. better yet you are now in the 150s! :) woot!!

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  3. Mmmmmmmm, cheeeeeeesebaaaalll! Yeah, that's dangerous around here, too!! Good job on the loss and good luck with reaching your goals for the week!! I need to make some definite goals for once too, so that I have something to aim for!

    (Sorry, that was my deleted comment. I was still signed in as our church blog admin!)

  4. A dip party sounds evil. Evil and wonderful.

    Great job on your loss!