Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pantry Clean Out

The Monday Project

This month's monday project has been to clean out your pantry.  I didn't think to take before and after pictures, but I spent an afternoon spreading all of my food out on every available surface on my kitchen.  I had hit my breaking point after one too many times of  losing things I knew I had in there, and then going out and buying more.

As far as junk goes, I am happy to say there wasn't much to throw out.  I keep one container of small candies in the pantry for the kids and that is about it.  I did find out I don't need buy stewed tomatoes for a very long time!  I had seven cans scattered throughout the shelves.

The cherry on the organizing cupcake for me will be printing out these adorable labels so I can mark all of my jars and canisters.  I am nerd like that.  I couldn't find the decal paper the instructions specify, so I settled for clear adhesive label paper (the full-sheet kind, not the ones pre-perforated)


  1. So yours is stewed tomatoes!? hahah! I love seeing what everyone has too much of, I'm like a pantry voyeur! LOL Glad you got it all sorted out and I LOVE THOSE LABELS! I NOW MUST DO THIS TOO!! THANK YOU!

  2. i'll have to check out those labels! :) i finally got mine finished up this weekend too.