Saturday, February 16, 2013

Handy Housewife Hints

For the most part, I roll my eyes pretty hard at the housekeeping tips I find on Pinterest.  I am not interested in hoarding my orange peels to make enzyme cleanser, and I got on the home made laundry detergent bandwagon once, but quickly got off as I found commercial stuff just works better for me. (That and I found out grated soap doesn't always dissolve in hard water and can cause some nasty plumbing clogs.) Daily housecleaning schedules never, ever stick with me.

This pin, however? This pin is pure Pinterest gold.  If you have boys in your house, you need this pin.

Be warned: The first time you try this, the baking soda foam will loosen up all manner of unholy disgustingness that has been lurking under your toilet. It will be gross.  You will be revolted.  You will lobby hard for your own personal bathroom in the house if you don't already have one.

You will be so happy when that strange lingering pee smell that is always there, even after you clean is finally gone.

You will do this again and again. 

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