Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh in Wednesday....WTF edition.

Last week's weight: 162.8
This week's weight: 162.8
Loss: ZERO

I exercised every day, I drank so much water I had to get up twice each night to pee. I started journalling my food again.

So, I was hoping for at least a half pound loss.

I got nothing.


Ok. Time to focus on the positives. Exercise is making me feel good. I am losing my appetite for sweets (again)

I am just very disappointed in myself right now.


  1. isn't feeling good enough? okay so its not. but the weight will start to come off. try not to get too frustrated. and the feeling good part is a cool perk.

  2. you can't build rome in a day, sister! if you stay the course, you'll lose eventually. if you don't, you won't. so stay with it, girl, ok?? cause it'll happen! you just have to be patient and stick with it! it's all about consistency. i'm so glad you're feeling better though, that's awesome! and a huge non-scale-victory! we count those too!

  3. Don't be disappointed in yourself. Consistency is KEY, and you can do this.

    Keep on going with what you're doing, and if you don't lose next week, maybe you need to take a step back and evaluate to make sure you creating enough of a calorie deficit.

    Chin up :)

  4. No loss is better then any gain right? Keep at it and you will see results.

  5. You've got NOTHING to be disappointed in yourself for!!! You had a GREAT week! The results were a little disappointing, yes, but those can be affected by so many things. Keep up the good work and your scale will love you next week!!

  6. naholter12:28 am

    muscle weighs more than fat. How do your pants fit? Your body is more reliable than your scale.