Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Check in Wednesday.

Hello everyone!

Today is check in day.  My first week back on the wagon has gone pretty well.  I stuck to my commitment of not snacking pretty well--I fell off the wagon twice, but one night I was SO hungry my stomach was growling.  I reached for a bowl of cereal with milk while my husband plowed through a box of chocolate covered cherries.  Not too shabby!  I have exercised three times, twice on the treamill (named Jillian) and once with a DVD.  I still need to increase my water intake, though.

Here are my numbers:

Last week's weight:  159.6
This week's weight:  159.0
Loss:                            0.6

It is nice to be in a downward-facing trajectory, even if I don't have a weight loss goal in mind.  I am coming down with some sniffles so I am finding it all-to easy to talk myself out of working out today.  I think that pushing the rug shampooer around my boy's room for 45 minutes (after moving all of the furniture out BY MYSELF) will count as today's workout.  I sure worked up a sweat doing it! 


  1. Good job on the loss! Keep moving!

  2. Great start! Just wondering about your location! I am in Manitoba too! On the edge of Riding Mtn. Ntl. Park! Keep up the hard work!

  3. I lost .4 :D At least we're moving downward on the scale!

  4. Hello, congratulations on your weight loss endeavor! My mom has lost about 30 pounds in the past year and my dad has just started a new year's resolution diet, and when I became a vegetarian last year I became much more aware of what I ate and feel so much healthier. Keeping it up takes a lot of courage, so bravo!

    I am a rookie blogger/cook, dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. I think you will like my blog, it's Come check it out!