Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday

It's Wednesday again.

I didn't have high hopes for this week.  I packed up the kids and visited my parents for a few days.  I find it really hard to eat well at my mom's--she doesn't keep a lot of healthy food around.  The four-hour drive to get there is also a big danger zone for me as well.

I planned ahead for the drive and only packed healthy snacks for the kids and me.  Sun chips, water, apple slices, fruit bars and emergency lollipops for the final leg of the journey kept us from stopping at drive-throughs on the way up.
On the way back home I needed a coffee very badly so we stopped at a donut shop.  I did NOT buy a donut for myself and just stuck to my coffee with milk only.  Victory!

Since it was so hard for me to eat my usual food at Mom's house I paid much more attention to portion control instead.

I went on a 7K run with a friend early one morning.

How did this translate in the numbers?  Let's see!

Last Week's Weight:  158.8
This Week's Weight:  158.6
Net Loss:                      - 0.2
Overall Loss:                  2.4

Not great, but given my road trip and disruption in my routine, I am really glad I didn't gain.


  1. You did great!! I'm always happy if I can come away from a weekend away or with company with no change in weight from the previous week, but ANY amount lost is AWESOME! Good for you, making the decision to eat less when faced with less-healthy food choices, too. That takes some impressive will-power!

  2. Anonymous1:06 pm

    You still lost! That's awesome! And good job on the 7k! I'm working on being able to run a 5k and barely at 2.4 miles. Ha ha

  3. Good job. Eating at Mommy's is haaaaard...