Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday

I run with the Sisterhood

This past week had lots of challenges thrown at me.  Two birthday parties.  Biweekly soccer practice that happens at the same time I like to run. 

I still lost (a bit)!

I am getting it!  Yes, I was faced with many treats at the birthday parties, but I drank my water and watched my portions.  I ate a little less the rest of the day.  I am working SO hard on night time snacking.

This week I have one birthday party, one soccer windup party, one school picnic and one block party.  I am going to bring a healthy broccoli slaw to the block party so I have a "safe" food to chow down on.  I am bringing my own lunch to the school picnic so that will be easy.  Soccer windup and the birthday party are going to be tough, but this is life, right?  You can't make excuses. 

Here are my numbers:

Starting Weight:                 161.0
Last Week's Weight:          158.6
This Week's Weight:          158.0
Loss:                                    -0.6
Total Loss:                             3.0

Not too shabby.  

Can I have a Beer and Clam at the block party??  (Do my American readers know what that is???)


  1. You did really well especially for having some pretty big obstacles in your schedule. Good luck next week!

  2. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Good job especially since you had parties! Summer social events can be such a challenge!!

  3. Beer & Clamato? Am I right?
    Good job on your loss and taking everything in stride!

  4. Great job adjusting and modifying in the face of challenge... the fact is that we will always have parties and plenty of opportunities to indulge, so one of the biggest lessons is how to pick and choose and how to modify! Good for you!