Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday.

I run with the Sisterhood

I am slipping again.  I hate that I have to be SO careful all the time.  I have not lost anything in two weeks, in fact, I have gained.

Ok, not totally true.  The Tape Measure of Truth reports that another 1/2 inch is gone from my waistline.  I will have to be happy with that.

This new mini challenge is really helping me.  I always do so much better when I journal my food.

Last Week's Weight:  158.0
This Week's Weight:   158.6

Loss:                            +0.6

Tomorrow is Canada Day.  I will not use it as an excuse to eat.  Girl Guide's Honour.  I will use it as an excuse to go to our local celebrations and walk, walk, walk.  I will use it as an excuse to go for an early run since Hubs will have the day off so he can make sure the kids don't burn the house down while I am gone.


  1. losing inches is good too, you'll see it often faster then losing lbs. Keep chugging along, you'll see the scale reflect it soon!

  2. you've definitely got reason to be proud of yourself - I think the tape measure is more honest that the scale. good job!

  3. Yeah, the house burning down would not be good. That's why I don't run during the week right now! No one to watch the littles. GAH.

    You're doing great, Jennifer. Seriously. You gain this week wasn't bad, and the fact that you're losing inches is good. Don't lose hope, because you are awesome and you can do it!